Online Casino Games Guide to Win More and Frequently

Everybody knows that online casinos have almost replaced, well, in its majority, we would say, the land-based establishments and moved the gambling to an entire new level. There are thousands of online service providers in the niche, and every of them has hundreds if not thousands of games.

There is nothing surprising that in such a variety, it is easy to get lost. From the very start, a punter needs to make decisions that will influence his money, experience, and similar. That’s why we have created this guide for you: to help you to avoid the most common mistakes and make decisions based on research and facts, not based on the impression that the casino customer support service says when you are still not registered and haven’t made your deposit yet.

Let us start then with our online casino games guide, step by step.


Before Selecting a Game, Choose the Provider

Choosing the correct firm that offers services for punters is crucial. The choice of a casino comes before the choice of a game. Thus, check the common requirements:

  • License: mandatory are such things as a good regulator, the correspondence between the data on the regulator’s website and the ones provided by the casino is a must;
  • Customer support: available in many ways, willing and able to solve issues, any of them;
  • An independent lab certification: it means that the games are fair. And it, in turn, means that you can earn, in principle. If there is no certification, it might be an indicator that your winning chances are zero;
  • Payment options: a sufficient number to choose something convenient;
  • Bonus codes if available: if you are one for whom it matters, check it in advance;
  • Bonus offers: if you count on them, check whether they are available and their conditions. Don’t forget about deadlines, limitations, wagering conditions;
  • Games: check whether you can find your favorite choices among them.

If everything is ok, you can move on with our online casino games guide.


How to Play Casino Games: Step-by-Step Guide

The good thing about online gambling is the simplicity of games. Even though some of them might be more complicated than others, there are no such things as significant complexity. This is one of the most appealing features to online punters.

However, even though online games are not difficult, but still, it is still possible to make mistakes and lose money. Thus, it is needed to know some common rules and the rules of the game you are going to play.



Blackjack is one of the most played games in every online casino. The main advantage of this game is that there are skills involved. Thus, not everything depends on Mr Chance but a good deal depends on how much a player knows about the game and how well he/she can play it.

Playing blackjack online is good due to several factors. You don’t need to leave your home to gamble. The game offers bonuses, different for a different provider, but most of them are decent. It is safe to play online.

There are a lot of varieties of this game. Thus, check them and read rules before you play or place a deposit and bet.


Blackjack Basics

This is a game where you compete with a dealer for winnings. The player decides how much to stake and places a bet. The dealer gives a two-card hand to every betting spot that has been activated. Players might want to leave their cards as they are or change them. Every player can take one more card until the potins count reaches 21. If a player gets more than 21, he/she loses. If a player gets 21 or more than a dealer, he/she wins.

Here, there are strategies that punters can apply, but they don’t work for 100%. Thus, test one, another, choose the one that works for you in particular, and use it. Even though it doesn’t guarantee you anything, but it will help you to boost the chances to win.



Roulette has always been one of the most played games in the world, including Australia, England, New Zealand, Canada, and so on, every country where gambling is allowed. This is a pure luck game, no skills involved.

Thus, place bets and wait for the results.



Slots compose the major part of any offer in any online casino. There, the rules are simple. A punter spins reels and waits for the outcome. Due to the fact that slots are the main games and actually the most popular games, we would like to pay special attention to them. Thus, our online casino slots guide will be more detailed.


Online Casino Slots Guide

First of all, decide what type of slots is yours. There are the major types based on technical features:

  • 3-reel slots, or they are called classics of the casinos. Rules are simple, or rather absent, and the winning chances vary greatly. The maximum winning might vary from a couple of hundreds to a couple of millions of USD.
  • 5-reel slots are more advanced options. Themes are the most varied. The winnings vary, too. And these slots allow choosing from a good number of options, even the number of paylines can be adjusted.
  • Slots with progressive jackpots are usually 3- or 5-reel slots, but their main difference is in the fact that they offer a progressive jackpot. It means that the deposits of players accumulate to make the jackpot grow. The most popular progressive jackpot slots are so-called slots connected in a network. For them, every deposit done in any slot counts. For instance, if you play Mega Moolah in England, the jackpot will be growing for players from Canada, Australia, or wherever else this slot is available.


Useful Tips to Use When Playing Slots

Every casino games guide will mention one important detail: slots are the games of pure chance. Thus, no strategy will work. You might increase or decrease deposits and bets, it doesn’t influence any outcome in any way.

The thing is that slots results are generated by the RNG, the Random Number Generator. Nobody can adjust or influence it, even the casino itself. Don’t get tricked by people who promise advantageous strategies that promise millions: such strategies do not exist.

Maybe the only proper strategy that works is the money management. Check whether you are not spending too much. Place smaller bets, one bet shall be normally around one tenth of your playing budget. And never ever spend more than you can afford to lose.

Know when to stop the game, it is going to save you from gambling addiction and problems. Never chase an opportunity to catch up or to win more or whatever. Those are the biggest mistakes a punter can make.



Craps is one of the most complicated games. And the thing is not just in the rules. They are pretty simple and clear. The thing is in the wagers. Thus, any casino games guide will advise you to start with the simplest wagers. Do it at least until you learn the basics very well. Later, you can expand your wagering range.


Some Tip to Gamble Craps?

Yep, there are some. Remember though that this is again a pure chance casino game. If in real life, craps can be made in a special way or the punter might learn special skills that can influence the result, there are no such chances in a reliable online casino. Thus, no strategies would ever work. But there are some tips that will help you to get if not the maximum winnings then at least the maximum fun.

Concentrate on fun. In the very end, this is just a game, even though this is a game for money;

Use free mode in an online casino to learn how to play. This tip would work for any game though but ok, we mention it here. In a real casino, there are people around and you might feel uncomfortable if you make a wrong decision. In an online casino, nobody sees it. thus, one disturbing factor at least is eliminated when you play online instead of a real casino;

Bets variety is your benefit. Even though we have advised you to concentrate on the simplest options, but it doesn’t mean that you shall not learn. The more you learn the more chances you have.

Select a proper approach to you. There are different ways to play, all of them depend on the player’s character, and similar. Thus, choose the way of playing that suits you most. Then, your chances increase.


Video Poker

Video poker is one of the most frequently played games online, and it is not surprising. The aim of the game is in collecting the best hand you are able to. No opponents are involved. Nobody is bothering or wants to steal your chance. It has all the benefits that a usual poker gives but without its main drawbacks. It is not surprising that it has become so extensively popular.

Even though it is still preferred to have some skills, to make the correct decision, but no major strategies are involved. It is a chance game rather than a skill based game.

Many people believe that video poker is a variant of a slot. Though it is not even though it might look alike.

The main difference is that in the case of ANY slot, you know the outcome if something happens. For example, if you place 1 cent as a bet, and you get a multiplicator, your bet will grow a particular number of times. In the case with video poker, any variant of it, you never know the outcome, under no conditions. Take the rules, other smaller game-related specifics, and the difference is evident.

Moreover, in the case with poker, some % of skills are still present while in a slot, no skills are needed.



This is one more game that deserves special attention. This is a card game but again, this game is based on pure luck. No skills are involved at all. You get a card and decide whether to place a bet on your hand or the hand of a banker. Then, there is nothing to do but hope that your decision was correct.


What Strategies Can You Use?

Any casino games guide is not complete without some useful tips, we don’t call them strategies because in their majority, they aren’t ones that you can use to increase your winning chances.

We cannot miss it. Thus, the main tips are below.


Use Every Chance the Casino Gives You

Whatever you can get for free, whether it is a no deposit code, a lot of or a few free spins, some special promo codes, or whatever else, use all the options that can give you something.

Yes, we know about wagering requirements and we hope that you know about them, too. Thus, a welcome bonus or any other promotion that requires to be wagered is still a good thing even if you know that you will never wager it.

This is additional money, and even if you don’t withdraw it, you can play with it. Test games, all that are available, test the platform from “inside” and all these things can be done for the money that a casino has given. If you have ever played you know that playing for real funds never can be compared to even the best and the most realistic free play. Thus, the best provider 2021 might be worth played in even because of its bonuses.


Manage Your Expenses

We will never get tired of repeating: manage your expenses, every cent that you deposit. You can win, of course, but you can lose, too. Moreover, you can lose everything. Thus, if you know that without this dollar, you will struggle, don’t play with it. even if you believe that it is going to bring millions to you, don’t play with it.

Never deposit money that your family depends on. Gambling is something connected with super high risks, don’t risk with something that belongs to your family. We don’t even mention that you shall never get into a debt to gamble. If you have such a feeling that you must borrow some bucks to play right now, ask specialized services for professional assistance. It might be the start (or not the start already?) or gambling addiction.

Don’t trust strategies, none of them. Of course, there are some ways to increase your chances to win, but there is no strategy that works for 100%. Moreover, for chance games, there are no strategies at all. Whatever they tell you, test every method that you are going to use. Also remember one important thing: if somebody asks you to pay to get a supr good strategy, just don’t do it, this is a scam.


Select Profitable Games

You might have heard of RTP. It is a percentage from all the deposits for a particular game that the casino is willing to give out in winnings. It doesn’t mean that you will win that percent, but there is a chance. The higher the RTP is, the better are the winning chances.

Be reasonable though. None casino would be ever willing to give more than it earns. Thus, if you see that the RTP is 100% (well, it can be, in rare cases) or higher, be extremely careful. In most cases, those are scammers. Some good casinos might offer such RTP value but for a couple of games and under special conditions, for example, if you place a maximum bet. Nothing is given for free when it comes to gambling, including the best offer.


Some More Precautions

Never deposit big sums from the very start unless you play in a very reputable casino that has a lot of positive reviews just everywhere. First, test the provider with smaller sums, and don’t forget to talk to their customer support.

Always verify whether the casino website is protected. You don’t want to stay without any funds in your account just because you have provided some data online and somebody stole it? Then, have a look at the URL of the provider. Do you see a closed lock before it? Or maybe the URL starts with HTTPS? In both cases, it means that the website is SSL secured and you can type any information there. If the URL starts with HTTP, the lock is open, just run away if you don’t want to give some funds to some scammers.

Finally, you might want to give a preference to a no download casino version rather than to the one that still needs to be downloaded and installed. Yep, such casinos still exist, even though there are not so many of them.


Final Thoughts

There are many versions of games, many providers, many approaches and methods to guarantee the best outcome of every separate game. Thus, learning is the key to success in any game whether it is a game with some % of skill or a pure game of chance.