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What do you know about china and its culture? China is one of the most popular and beautiful countries in the world. People from all over the world plan a vacation trip to that country. People are taking interest to visit because of its beautiful and attractive culture. What about Chinese gambling industry? Do people from china love betting? Is gambling legal in their country? How often do people visit casinos in china? Are the number of visitors enough to do business? Haven’t you heard of online casinos? Yes, these are more among these days. People from the whole world used to get into one of the best sites and play their favorite games. Let’s have some talk about the Chinese slots machine games. The list of top platforms which are providing these games are as below.

Logo Rating Casino
5 888 Casino
4,9 Inter Casino
4,8 Spinit Casino
4,7 Sloto Cash Casino
4,7 Green Play Casino

The Chinese culture is very much different from the rest of the world. People are taking interest in Chinese slots games which are composed with some historical facts. These games are having some offers for the players. These offers are considered as among the best offers. These are like promo codes for some promotion offers, bonus codes for the bonus titles, and free spins to spin the wheels. If you are entering the website for the first time, you will probably get the welcome bonus. You might like the country, that’s why you try to find the slot machines which are based on Chinese themes. Some players are too interested in Chinese slot machine category. As you enjoy other machines you will become fond of these too.

What is more you want to know? Is it about the symbols and other features of the game? For your information. It is stated that these machines have covered almost all the traditions and culture of Chinese. They have implemented the symbols like dragons, the monks and other historical places in the country. The dragons are considered as wild but the scatter symbols are different. Every game has multiple types of scatter symbols. These are like lanterns in red, the huge palaces and many more. When you play the reels into the Chinese casino game, you will hear a melodious music behind. All these impressive features make up the Chinese casino games.


How to find Top Casinos?

In 2021, it is very difficult to find a platform for gambling which fulfills all your requirements and desires. Some are good for their offers, some are having exciting games only, some are having the best payouts, some ask for the highest minimum deposit, some are good because of their efficient and fast payments, some are not safe to play. The gambling is now full of online websites. The industry has done a lot of advancements in this field. They are working hard to give an extraordinary experience to their visitors. Just suppose that you are going to search for the sites which have Chinese slot machines. It is really not an easy process. What you need to do is roam around the whole internet and there you will be able to pick one or two. Why do you get worried when we are here to help you?

Yes, it is true, the above list is not a list of usual casinos. We have got feedback from the gamblers who are using these sites and then analyzed the casino itself and then we come up with the best titles out of the huge collection. These are all safe to visit and join websites. You have to join the sites and the rest is upon the casino team. You will get the slots of your choice and desire. Just play them and get the unmatched adventure in your life. When you read the review below you will come to know how much effort we have made to give you the best sites. This is all for you. You don’t need to waste your time; however, spend the time playing the games we have gathered for you. I am sure that you will boost up the winnings in your account.


Is slot gambling legal in china?

If we talk about the legality of gambling in China, it is important to know that all type of gambling is prohibited in China, the government has taken very strict measures in this regard, you cannot make gambling while in china, the chines does not like to have their citizens in this kind of gambling activity. There is another thing which chinese has allowed its citizens to participate in, the government has presented some sanctioned lottery offers to the public which a citizen could participate in as per the criteria designed by the government. There are some special areas which fall under the administration of Chinese authorities, including Hong Kong and Macau, where they allow gambling, and Macau almost has 50 plus casinos as per the standard of the world casinos. These casinos featured and designed in that way where a guest player could win easily. There are some high standard casinos where people go and play their favorite games. Another important thing to mention here is that these casinos are built within the high paid restaurant and hotels and on the special resort. As it is good to know that these two areas have more than 30 million visitors per year and the casinos earn a good profit from these visitors.

Talking about chinese slot machines and their legality, the china especially in the slots machine has designed some frameworks. As per the rules they have declared Slots machines illegal in the china, no one can play on slots living within the china, there are very tough rules for that. But on the other hand you can play the games in Macau and Hong Kong. These areas have plenty of casino and they have taken their regulate license from the international regulatory body such as UK Gambling commission.


The Chinese Theme

There are plenty of chinese theme slots available in the market but it does not mean that there is no more space left to develop more slots by using this theme. China has wider variety in every field and chinese casino games are more than to count. One other thing which you should know is that many developers still want to produce chinese theme slots from their platform. As the china has popular and rich culture hidden under its ground and software developer will take this opportunity to produce more games by using this opportunity.

There are many companies working in this regard, the GameOS company has developed new chinese slot machine games in 2014, it was named Chines Wild Slot. At first it was not much appreciated but later on it became most popular among the casino players. When we explore this game we see that it has more interesting features and has some very high definition graphics which you could not find easily anywhere, it is user friendly game, plug n play and instant play feature is also included. This game is one of the most advanced technological games, it truly represents the latest technological advancement and latest era of gaming in the current situation.


Top 9 Games

If we talk about the specific games there are number of chinese themed slot machines are available in the market, chinese slot games are based on movies and other cultural representation. But the people of china do not give much appreciation to the movie slots themes instead they like to play chinese culture which is close to chinese tradition and it becomes popular among the people. Talking about the slots, sometimes you are able to grab your hand on the progressive jackpot and it could make you richer than china locals who don’t have the capacity. Furthermore, the chinese slots are more popular because it comes with high quality and efficient features and people love them to play and enjoy much of the time at playing. Some of very popular slots will be discussed below.

  • Chinese Kitchen: it is a very interesting game, it’s mainly focused on chinese cuisine, and this game is produced by the playtech one of the best online games provider companies. It has 9 reels and paylines. This chinese slot does not offer much wild or scatter symbols but during the play it offers different features by which you can win the maximum amount. Another interesting thing to mention here that newbie and roller play could also enjoy the games and maximum benefits when playing this game.
  • Gung Pow: this slot game’s theme is based on chinese new year which has very vigilant graphics and features within it. This game has different 243 paylines along with 5 reels. It has some very extraordinary sound features along with high quality graphics, it has feature books which will help you to get the maximum amount to win. By playing this game you will also be able to get free spins maximum 15 when you successfully landed the scattered symbols on the reel. By using free spins you will get more chances to multiply your winning amount.
  • House of Dragons: this slot is produced by the microgaming, non progressive free chinese slots which has 5 reels and 20 lines. This game has some character like a man and dragon and it is associated with collecting huge bonuses for the players, it has wild and archery bonuses which could earn more than a player could imagine.
  • Jewels of the Orient: the game is most beautiful and it has more traditional Asian theme in the game. It is developed by the Microgaming and with 5 reels and 9 paylines. Another fact of this game is that its main features are based on a beautiful woman and she was shown as the Jewel of the orient in the game. This reel has some other beautiful character of women from India, Japan as well.
  • Lights Slots: is another masterpiece developed by the Net Entertainment, this video slot has 5 reels and 9 paylines. This is a very interesting game and it brings huge earnings for the players who play with it. It has some very big amount of bonuses, free spins and scatter and wild symbols for the players. This slot has tremendous high definition graphics and it has some glittering reels function which attract more players toward it.
  • Monkey King: is another interesting game and most popular among the players because of its new effects added like Asian martial arts and chinese characters. This video slot has 5 reels and 30 payline and it developed by the one of the best game developing company microgaming. It is very interesting fact that if you manage to land 5 monkeys on a payline you would able to get 1000 credits. Beside you would also get other bonuses and scatter plus wild symbols.
  • Ronin: the slots are produced and marketed by the RTG gaming company, this game consists of 5 reels and 20 lines. Interesting thing is that this slot has jackpot features and also wild symbols in the shape of koku icons and they will help you to multiply your bonuses. It has some free spin bonus rounds and jackpot winning.
  • Year of fortune: this slot has developed by the RTG gaming solution, it has developed a very unique feature in the game, this 5 reels and 25 pay lines game, this game is featured with chinese character with religious belief in Asia in the year of OX. This game has some very good chinese features that truly represent the chinese, and the icons in china just like temple, lion statue, and dragon and chinese coin.
  • Lucky Firecracker: it is another gem produced by the microgaming software developer, this game consists of 5 reels along with 243 paylines. This game will pay you huge amount of money in term of free bonuses, free spins, Scatter and wild symbols, it does not stop there you will also find some extra feature in term of earning more bonuses namely gamble feature, when one player can double the winning amount, all you have to pick the right card with right color.


Winnings with Chinese Slots

Though chinese slots is the most popular collection of online games, and there are available worldwide, but you should know that these games would not pay you enough but pay a very little but steady playing these slots do not give a huge money at once but you have to put all the struggle collectively and have patience because you would earn very little by continually with these slots. Another important thing is that there are jackpot which give you huge amounts when it comes to your reels, but we know this is a very rare case, and it comes in after thousands of chances. Some say it gives you 25000$ winning if we manage to have a jackpot but as we know it is very rare. The wagering requirement is 5x and 7x which is very manageable and low but on the other hand the winning amount is also not very high. The free bonuses, and free spins have an important role in winning, on the other hand if you manage to get the scatter symbol you could reach the maximum winning amount.


Play For Free

What do you know about free play? Have no idea? Let me tell you first about this feature. This means no download, no registration. That Chinese slot machine has this facility. If you have no idea of playing the slot machines and even if you are a new gambler, then this is a great and efficient option for you. You should not put your money into the game first. Try out the demo version of the game and learn the rules and tips. There are a lot of hidden gifts in the games like no deposit code and other offers, these are available once you login on the casino website. The free play version does not allow you to get the offers.

The Chinese slots are made with impressive and heart touching graphics. You can see these themes when you join a gambling platform. The above-mentioned casino platforms allow you to play the games absolutely free.



The chinese casino game slots are attractive and worth playing. You must try them once and all you will get is extra fun and entertainment. The details have been discussed and platforms have been provided to you. Just get into the pool of Chinese games and make maximum money from them.