How to choose casino bingo games, improve your chances, and win money?

Bingo is not just a fun, original, and simple form of gambling, it is also a game that is suitable for any age. You can see your grandparents playing in the club or children who use bingo for educational purposes. Due to its versatility, bingo has become an integral part of many virtual casinos where adult players can register. Moreover, developers continue to introduce new solutions without forgetting about classic algorithms and rules to make your vacation unforgettable. However, many players have never heard of bingo before and in these cases, the choice may seem too complicated. Therefore, we prepared the 5 most popular bingo casino games, as well as the platforms where they are presented.

Logo Game Casino
Bingo Billions Casumo Casino
Pharaoh Bingo Boo Casino
Electro Bingo Casino Superlines
Sassy Bingo Dunder Casino
Bingo Bonanza Karamba Casino

As you can see, there are no problems with variety. The developers offer a ton of stories supplemented by 3D graphics, fruits, pharaohs, money, and other elements that will help you immerse yourself in the bingo atmosphere. Besides, some models look like video slot machines which make the game more attractive.


Who plays bingo in 2021?

Once associated with a game for older men and women, the face of bingo has changed significantly over the past five years, which was made possible thanks to virtual gaming rooms. Boredom is another stereotype that haunted the game in England and other countries where gambling isn’t banned. Looking at the games today, it becomes clear that they are fast, generous, and unpredictable, which adds a certain charm. After all, punters are no longer afraid to try something new by making small and large bets. In particular, the new generation prefers bingo because of fast payments and easy access to the Internet.

To keep the interest casinos add jackpots and they can vary from daily 100 USD to progressive prize pools. There are separate tournaments where you can try your luck and become a millionaire for a low ticket price. This approach allows operators to attract even more users from very different walks of life by offering them a relationship through live chat. Having tried at least one game, you will destroy all stereotypes and win real money.


General rules and terms

Before you learn how to play bingo at a casino you need to learn all the rules without which victory seems impossible. Fortunately, they are simple and straightforward. First of all, you need to buy one or several cards depending on your bankroll. A greater number of cards gives a better chance of winning, so some participants prefer a full strip of bingo cards.

In most games, the 5×5 grid is the most popular and it is used primarily in 75-ball bingo. The name of the game is divided into several columns (B, I, N, G, O) where you will find the corresponding numbers: 1-15; 16-30; 31-45; 46-60; 61-75. There is always some free space in the middle.

Each time a number appears on the screen, you need to mark it on the card. In some games, it can be marked automatically so as not to distract you. To win, you need to mark 5 numbers in a row horizontally/diagonally/vertically or by any other scheme approved by the club in advance. Then you get your payout and buy a new card if you feel that luck is smiling at you today. With a successful set of circumstances, you can mark more winning numbers and try to win the jackpot.



…maybe the bingo category cannot compete with the world-famous video slots, but these games have a variety of either. Modern casino bingo games can differ in the number of balls (from 30 to 90), speed, patterns, and cost of course.


30 balls

If you want to feel crispy bills in your hands as quickly as possible then this type of bingo is for you. The gameplay is extremely fast because the card is small enough and you will mark the numbers in 9 squares presented in 3 columns and 3 rows. During the session, 30 balls with numbers will appear and in order to win you need to fill in all the squares. Due to the high speed, we cannot say that this game is suitable for beginners, but more advanced players can easily win the money.


75 balls

In this game, you are going to see cards with 5 numbers grid up and down. The name of the game will be fixed at the top and each letter leads a specific column. As you already understood, numbers have been increased to 75, which makes the game not as fast as the previous version, but it is still not as long as the next ones. To not miss a single cell, participants often activate the automatic shading function. When the 75-Ball Bingo appeared, gamblers received a win by going down the line. These days there are a lot of schemes that will determine the owner of the jackpot.


80 balls

This version of the popular game has cards with 16 cells each. To make finding numbers as simple as possible, developers usually color each column. The tape contains 5 individual cards, with possible numbers 1-80. The location of the stripes varies on different sites, so you can see 5 lines with 16 numbers or 20 numbers in 4 columns. Before making a bet, find out what the winning schemes look like.


90 balls

Meet the biggest bingo game! The first such form appeared in one of the British cities and it quickly became popular in Australia, Europe, and New Zealand. 90-Ball bingo even reached the shores of Canada but in this region players prefer faster ways to play. So, the numbers are located in 9 columns and 3 rows (5 squares with numbers and 4 empty cells). Due to the fact that their location is random, users need more time to find and mark the right number. Such a bingo strip consists of 6 cards on which 90 cells are distributed. There are many winning schemes, and in addition to the main jackpot, you can get a prize by covering 10 or 15 cells in a row, for example.

If you want something new and interesting then find bingo slot machines games that are becoming more popular every day. Without searching launch Sassy Bingo available at Dunder Casino. Having an interface and slot machine features, these free bingo slots can amaze you with dynamic gameplay and an original storyline for a long time. Such a solution appeared recently, but it provoked a positive reaction from the gambling public, so the developers have no reason to stop.


How to play Bingo at a casino

Playing in an online casino is different from what you received in an offline club. This is good because in each game you will find advanced features that will help you succeed. So, punters will be offered big jackpots, bonuses, and much more. Follow the instructions below to find out how to play on the Internet:

  • 1st Step: the user should register at the licensed bingo casino. Experienced gamers recommend choosing a place where you have the opportunity to use no deposit code or receive a generous welcome bonus. Using such a gift you can study slot machines and table games without risking your bankroll.
  • 2nd Step: top up your account and go to the bingo games section. You will probably meet a wide variety. If you read the previous section carefully then you already know what type of game (and the number of balls) suits you more. Check the schedule with upcoming events and available rooms.
  • 3rd Step: as a rule, in the theoretical section the casino indicates the amount of the main jackpot. Learn the rules, ticket prices, and winning schemes, otherwise, you will get a small profit. Choose the number of cards and start playing.
  • 4th Step: have fun and relax. As already mentioned, many games have the function of automatically deleting numbers that appear on the screen. Thanks to this and other features, you can finally enjoy the atmosphere of the bingo hall.

Do not forget that bingo and casino games are not only about money. They have an important social role in moving communication and friends from land-based institutions to virtual casinos with excellent promotions and favorable conditions.


Bigger profits and odds of winning

When buying tickets, punters need to remember that this is a gamble. The result depends on luck, but there are some generally accepted rules that will help you increase your income. Let’s look at each of them to give you more benefits:

  1. More cards. Let’s say you ended up in a game room with 9 opponents. Each of them bought one card but you are a smart player and spending more money you bought 10 cards. Accordingly, there will be 19 tickets in the game, but 10 of them belong to you, which increases the probability of your victory up to 52%. The more cards the more opportunities you have. Some resources display the number of users in the game and this information cannot be ignored.
  2. Number of opponents. In gambling, it often happens that the number of bingo players can significantly reduce the size of the jackpot. Besides, this affects your chances, so at the beginning pay attention to rooms with a small number of rivals. Beginners are often mistaken when choosing a hall with a huge jackpot. Due to a large number of players with the desire to win this prize pool, your chances are minimal. Do not expect progressive bingo jackpots to solve the problem. They increase in following the number of participants, so it can be too small or huge.
  3. Type of game and card patterns. When it comes to the real money game, all chances are influenced by card patterns. Each game has a certain number of potential calls that directly depend on the number of balls (30/75/80/90). Cause of a huge number of cells, it is almost impossible to win immediately. Your chances increase by striking out each number. Check all available schemes to know which cells you need. Some operators pay a fortune for complex ‘Z’ chains.

Why no one predicts the outcome of the game? Like all video slots, bingo games work on the basis of RNG which guarantees random numbers. A well-thought-out strategy is the only way to influence the result and get closer to the jackpot.


Play the best bingo machine games

After analyzing the preferences and reviews of the players, we made a rating of the most popular Bingo solutions. Choosing one of them you choose high-quality graphics, convenient gameplay, high payouts, and simple rules. They are also great for playing on the go.

Bingo Billions

Developed by NextGen Gaming company, this game aims to combine video slots and bingo to create a new kind of entertainment. The playing field has 5 reels and 25 active lines containing symbols from bingo. The slot machine is made in the theme of the popular TV show, which explains the use of bright colors and flashing elements that attract attention from the first second. The developers used high-quality 3D graphics adding animations and a rhythmic melody. To shout BINGO you need to collect a combination or use Wild/Scatter with bonus features. After that, you can press the Gamble button and double the payout.

Pharaoh Bingo

The imagination of the developers is limitless and this allows them to create unique games, even if we are talking about classic bingo. In Pharaoh Bingo game Microgaming recreated the world of Ancient Egypt by inviting players to take a virtual journey and find treasures hidden somewhere in the pyramid. The maximum payout reaches 100,000 loans and believe us, they are already close. With 60 goals, Pharaoh Bingo offers participants to play with 4 cards and 14 schemes at a time. The betting range starts at $0.10 but you cannot wager more than $10. Starting the game you will see balls falling on both sides of the golden funeral mask of Tutankhamun. All cells are automatically marked and the final payout is added to your bankroll.

Electro Bingo

Flashing lights, bright numbers, and other elements of a fun party appear on the screen. Since Electro Bingo was developed by Microgaming, players can expect beautiful visuals with the convenient button layout. On both sides are 4 cards with 60 numbers. This is a game with 60 balls, but if this is not enough you can buy extra 10 balls at a random price to supplement the combination and win real money. It is worth noting that the developers added 14 winning schemes and all of them are available if the player decides to play on all cards.

Sassy Bingo

This is an exciting fruit video slot with 5 great reels and 9 paylines. Microgaming has once again broken patterns by offering bingo balls in the form of fruits drawn using 3D tools. The video slot offers enough levels for bets so users can spend from $0.01 to $90 receiving the corresponding payments. To get a reward you do not need to cross out cells simply catch the same symbols on neighboring reels. Moreover, some of them launch a bonus round in which you can win even more credits. All rules, coefficients, and line patterns are presented in the paytable. Make sure you know all the features before clicking Spin.

Bingo Bonanza

In the bingo section, this is definitely one of the best solutions. Neo Games has developed a game that offers fans of fast payouts 8 cards and 60 balls. The visual design is created in such a way as to remind you of real bingo halls. Ok, there are a lot of tickets and balls, but if you want payments to be credited as quickly as possible then activate Turbo Option. A participant can even start an automatic game while enjoying big payouts. The mechanism fixed at the top along with the logo starts the balls with numbers. All matches are instantly painted on the ticket without your participation.


Trustworthy bingo sites with casino games

The gambling boom that we are observing today leads to the emergence of new gaming sites. On the one hand, players have a wide range, but on the other, it hides a certain danger. Whatever casino bingo games you choose, make sure that the site on which you made a deposit is safe and licensed. In the table with the most popular games, we have added virtual casinos where you can find them. We checked them carefully and can guarantee your safety.

Besides, they offer large libraries with games for every taste. Just in case, if you want something else just open the portfolio and select any slot, roulette, poker machine, or live dealer game. Meanwhile, bingo variations can be filtered by topics, balls, bets, and other parameters satisfying your needs. In 2021, there are 60+ lottery providers. Even though Microgaming takes first place, you will find many new names with great ambitions.

Any reputable bingo casino will be associated with such recognized payment services as Neteller, Visa/Mastercard/Maestro, Skrill, PayPal, Paysafecard. These are the best solutions in terms of quick deposits and safe withdrawals. Before making a payment, specify the necessary bonus codes to receive a gift or free spins.

Are these options available on mobile devices? Yes, Yes, Yes! You may not always find the full range of casino games on your smartphone or tablet, but this is just a matter of time. Mobile gambling has spread around the world offering a new user experience. You do not need to download applications if the mobile device does not meet their parameters. Play free bingo slots in the browser and have fun.


The history and popularity of bingo

It was always a special game and before appearing on the Internet it was popular with family when one participant called the ball number and everyone shouted BINGO. Not all players know that this game appeared in the 16th century in one of the Italian cities. Being known as “Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia” it quickly moved to other European countries (Germany, Netherlands, France). Thanks to a new wave of immigration in the 19th century, bingo appeared in America.

Locals called the game “beano” and played at city fairs. It had no age restrictions and even the children knew its rules. Participants watched the numbered wooden discs that were pulled out of a large box. Salesman Ed Lowe watched the game for a long time and as a result, he decided to found his own company by offering more combinations on cards. With this aim, he hired Carl Leffer, a professor at Columbia University to find new combinations. Both men did an excellent job and created a game popular around the world. In the 30s, churches organized bingo evenings to raise funds that were used to build new temples or help the poor.

Nowadays, casino bingo games can turn you into a millionaire if you follow the rules, use promo codes and play in a reliable online casino!